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“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.”
~ Michael J. Fox

Imagine, if you will, sitting on the couch facing your fireplace, it’s several years since your kids have left home. As the flames crackle and the logs pop, you sink back into the couch, staring at the portrait that hangs above the mantle. It’s a comfort to see your daughter’s face and your son’s infectious smile. The phone calls are sparse these days, what with your daughter working long hours at the hospital and your son spending time with your new grandbaby. A sigh comes from your lips as nostalgia begins to creep over you, memories flooding back. The edges of your lips curl up into a smile at the warm feeling that engulfs you. Looking at the portrait you realize again that it didn’t just capture a likeness of your family, but rather the personalities and relationships.

Why is it important for you to have a family portrait?

Time. Before you know it children are grown, parents, spouses or grandparents are gone, and your family has changed forever. “That is why I do what I do; I want to discover the best way to connect each of my clients to the very best part of themselves, their children and their family.”

When Brad creates a portrait he brings with him over 25 years of mastering the fine art of photography. He is an educator; teaching and hosting seminars, forums, and photographic schools for portrait photographers, from all over North America, who want to be exceptional portrait art studios.

“Why do I do photography? 
Simple, I love to tell visual stories.”

Stories about a family and their relationships - hearing the pride in dad's voice as he talks about his kids. The sweet innocence of a newborn baby - holding those cute little fingers and toes. The visual reminder of that precocious toddler - seeing that sneaky grin all over again. All too soon the high school senior navigating their way into adulthood - feeling the excitement mixed with a little sadness when asked about their last year in high school. Celebrating the couple who have been married for 40 years and still adore each other. Stories that show connections to the people that matter most to them!

Our promise to you,
you will love the art we create together or we’ll refund your money.

There are not many photographers who are willing to guarantee results. We’re not interested in just having satisfied clients; we want you to go home raving about your portraits!

Because life has no pause button, call Cansler today, 423-756-2681 to schedule a conversation about how we can capture the moments that matter to you.

Ask yourself, “What do I value?”

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Families & Children

Family Photography
At the heart and soul of your family lies a story; let us help tell yours.
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Senior Photography
Your child is almost ready to leave the nest, full of life and excitement about what lies ahead. We create senior portraits that showcase who they are and what they can be.
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Business Photography
Creating images that make your first impression the right one.

What Our Clients Say

Family portrait
"We wanted an outdoor venue with the beautiful fall colors for our family portrait. Brad drove around for hours looking for the perfect spot! Even though the weather was cold and cloudy on the day of the session, Brad was able to use his professional expertise with lighting to make it look like a beautiful fall sunny day! It was a great experience!! "
Sandy Shadden
formal children's portrait
Brad Cansler does an amazing job! He has been photographing my son for 10 months now and I'm truly in love with every session we've had. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and he does a great job creating every image either with just our son or us as a family. We are never disappointed!
Liz Raulston 
Black and white children's portrait
"It has been an pleasure working with Cansler Photography. Brad has done an amazing job of truly capturing our girls throughout the stages of their lives. 
The best part is the wonderful memories we have displayed all around our home.  
Thank you,
Jan McDonald
As storytellers using photography as our medium, we typically work with people who see their lives changing rapidly. They realize the impact photographs have in their life stories as well as their connections with others.
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